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Adriaanse Best Friend

Welcome to home of Adriaanse Best Friend. I am Michael Knight.
This is an introductory post to the full purpose of this blog. Myself and MacGyver are Co Adriaanse's best friends. That's a fact. We are going to help him make our favourite team - FCPorto - the best team in the world. He really doesn't need our help, but we are so kind in our hearts that we feel we have to give all the insight we can to make his job easier.
Anyway, i hope you enjoy this Co, since it's for you. For the general readers here i leave you with a small FAQ about this site:

Q.: Does Co Adriaanse really need help?
A.: No he doesn't. We are just being kind.

Q.: Did Co Adriaanse really invent Football?
A.: Yes he did. When he was 20 years old he invented a Time Machine that ported him back in time to invent football.

Q.: Are MacGyver and Michael Knight really fans of FC Porto?
A.: Yes they are. Whenever MacGyver isn't saving the world with a piece of wire, a can of baked beans and chewing gum he can be seen rooting for Porto at the Dragon Stadium. Michael Knight usually watches the games from a mini screen on Kitt.

Enjoy the blog.

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Anonymous noone said...

What a pose!
He's the greates coach on earth!


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