sexta-feira, janeiro 13, 2006

Short Corners

Hello Mr. Adriaanse. Put the clogs and take a walk with me on the subject of short corners.
FCPorto corner taking this season is a vast improvement from the past years - another display of tactical mastery by Holland's finest. But i think we can still improve on that matter.

You have to totally forbid the use of short corners. I must have seen 50000000 short corners in my life (Kitt usually records the games for me when i'm busy saving the world) half of them taken by Deco. Of those 50000000, 50% end with the defense blocking the play. 49% of those end with a dangerous counter attack and 1% end in Goal.

You can easily see - since you even taught Mathematics to Einstein back in the day - that it doesn't compensate the risk.

So forbid the taking of short corners and punish whoever goes against your rules (the Whip comes in mind).

This is the final step. Everything else is perfect right now - because it's not your fault when a player fails the shot.