sexta-feira, janeiro 13, 2006

Diego, a fallen angel

Last Monday I had this normal, routine day...
I was chasing Mr. Amonia – a wicked psychopath that last year wanted to poison all public water in San Diego – and I suddenly tripped on this racoon hole and I quickly tasted grass…

“Luckily” (heroes like me and Mr. Adriaanse are not lucky, we are talented) my Swiss army knifed shot from my hand catching evil Amonia right in the spinal cord, paralysing him…
With the game against Boavista still in my mind, it came to me:


Well not really Diego, you still need someone else to take the free kick, but I suddenly realise that FC Porto could use this strategy to get 1 more goal/game.

Mr. Adriaanse, your friend MacGyver is kindly asking you to think on the possibility of making Diego play a bit advanced. A bit nearer to the box, where we could be fouled enough to get some nice free kicks, pick some yellow cards… or even a penalty!

Nahhhh it is not that pretty to win on a penalty kick…


Angus MacGyver

I will be back to the Diego theme in the future, I think that is not playing exactly on the right position, but of course it is Diego fault… he is always running away from the ball... chicken Diego!


Blogger Bancada Directa said...

Blog bastante original,pena tambem nao ter a traduçao em portugues para quem não sabe inglês.
Mas deixo a dica..

Blogger miguel said...

blog genial que tu tens aqui. aliás...what a genious blog, dude.


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