segunda-feira, janeiro 16, 2006

Michael Knight to the Rescue

Hello Mister Co. I saw your cry for help on the first half of the last Porto game and here i am.

I'm going to explain you something - that i am sure you obviously know, but you probably forgot because you have too much on your mind, like re-inventing football, world peace, space travel, etc:
Personally, i love football with wingers. I think that's how the game is meant to be played. Open, wide, with 2 wingers stretching the field and creating spaces. The thing is my friend, having no striker makes the 2 wingers work totally useless. It's like if i install 2 new machine guns on Kitt, but with no ammunition. Pointless.
Lisandro is no striker and today, Lisandro is nothing at all. I know that you would rather burn all of Holland's Windmills than field Hugo Almeida in the first team, but as much as i hate to admit it, you have to do it (atleast untill Adriano can play). At least he battles for the space and stays on the striker place, while Lisandro runs like a headless chicken everywhere (everywhere but the Striker position).
Yes, i know H.Almeida is an aberration. But if you field the 2 wingers, you need someone there. Or else you will have the wingers crossing and Lucho showing up at the first post, letting the ball go so someone can finish off the play. That happened sometimes on the first half, with no one finishing, because the STRIKER needs to go for the first ball and Lucho is the one that needs to show up from behind.
And that's why having Hugo Almeida is better (or less bad) than having no real striker figure at all.
Atleast untill Adriano can play.

But you knew this, you were just busy with other things.


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