domingo, junho 18, 2006

Drawing the Squad

That's right. Drawing the squad for next season is going to be one of your biggest concerns. Why? Beacause i'm pretty sure that if you work on it 100% you will win all the games you play. So, you are working on achieving the balance between all easy wins, and some excitement. Always worried about the drama and putting a good show! That's my Co.

Cesar Peixoto is a goner. That's good news. He should have been gone years ago. Good call.

If you manage to sell R.Costa, Bruno Alves, Sonkaya and McCarthy (i'd rather keep Benni, he is a good player) and actually make money with the first 3 (!!! wow !!!) it would be great.

I think we need, A striker, a number 10, a winger and 2 full backs. But that's just me. You know what you need, Master of the Universe. I sugest african players. Ivory Coast and Ghana have some of the best players i've seen on the World Cup. I'm sure you are keeping an eye on them.

And this is all. For the readers of this blog, i'll leave you with a LINK to a hidden camera. It's basically Co Adriaanse preparing next season with Reinaldo Teles. Click here.