quinta-feira, fevereiro 23, 2006


Hello Mr Adriaanse.
First of all. We are very sorry for the shortage of posts. MacGyver has been gone for a long time. I think he's probably saving the world without wanting to take credit for it. Like you for example, with your outstanding work with Pepe and Quaresma - and now slowly, Meireles (what about doing the same with Diego and Hugo Almeida? Turning Hugo Almeida into a good player would be a tremendous challenge. Au pair with Rocket Science and trying to play football on Chelsea's pitch, and you love challenges!)

The most important game on the portuguese league this season is arriving:

Belenenses - Naval.
Will this game trigger a string of defeats for Naval ending with another manager out of work?
Will Couceiro learn how to coach, finaly? Who knows. This are questions that neither us or the Great Co Adriaanse (you) can answer!

By the way, we are playing versus benfica in the Rapinarium.
May I humbly sugest that independently of the tactic you might use (3 or 4 defenders) that Cech plays on the left? If you really want Pedro Emanuel to play field him on the right side (if 3 defenders). The ball just runs along better if there's someone on the left playing with the left foot.
Other than that, everything is fine.

quinta-feira, fevereiro 16, 2006

Thank you Mr. Adriaanse!

My best friend, Mr. C0 Adriaanse,

We all have to thank you for not being in the UEFA CUP anymore.

Just imagine if we’ve had to play in Bulgaria against powerful Litex…

Things are getting nasty around there.

Artmedia boys were so nervous playing yesterday just thinking about the 2nd leg!

Well but Litex it’s a powerful European team anyway (#150, see also #138)…

This is a dangerous world we live on nowadays… Luckily we have YOU and THIS GUY to save our skin.

Praise the Lord, Alleluia!


Angus MacGyver

P.S. - Also notice AZ > slb. This is Co!

terça-feira, fevereiro 14, 2006


segunda-feira, fevereiro 13, 2006


Hello Mr Co.
Fantastic game vs Belenenses. Fantastic game.

Maritimo next weekend!
Not having Pepe and Quaresma probably means you have to switch the system a bit. Neither of our central backs have the capacity to play like Pepe does. So I sugest (and it's a mere sugestion, no one can scratch your greatness):

- Include P.Emanuel and (Sigh!) R.Costa in the team.
- Remove Ivanildo
- Add Diego for some creativity
- Hello Alan!
- Maybe it's time for Anderson to get a chance as well, since Quaresma isn't going to play.

sexta-feira, fevereiro 10, 2006

¡ Back from Zaragoza !

My best friend, Mr. C0 Adriaanse,

I apologize for being away for some days but my help was requested by my great friend Victor Muñoz to achieve something impossible – to knock out Barcelona from cup in Nou Camp and get to the final. As you are by far the better coach in the world I assumed you’d probably not miss me.

By the way I recently discovered that while asleep you are almost as good as awake, which is odd, but explains perfectly why FCP bench players were still sat at 75 minutes in the last game…

I had not to much time to prepare the game with Barça so I used the old but effective benfica’s way and it worked!!! For this next game with Real Madrid I was able to prepare Zaragoza team, especially Diego Milito who I teach how to carry to the field and use a Swiss-army knife!

So what to say about last game with Braga and next one with Belém?

Nothing to say actually… Every week FCP is 1 more point ahead at the league and everything is ok, the team is fit, the system is completely tuned up, free-kicks and corners are almost certain goals so… why don’t you give the squad another couple of holidays?


Angus MacGyver

segunda-feira, fevereiro 06, 2006

Paulo Assunção

Hey Mister Adriaanse. I recently had a word with Paulo Assunção and I must say I'm really worried about this fundamental pawn of the FCPorto chess table.

Aparently, it seems that since the Rio Ave game, Assunção has been waking up in the middle of the night after having nightmares on which he is naked in a football field shouting:

Image hosting by Photobucket

Over and over again. I think this is a result of the stressfull 3 defenders system you have been using lately. Time for a change before his brain melts I believe.

Also, I have discovered something equally frightning. Paulo Assunção has been playing as Striker in União de Leiria, under the alias of "Paulo César".
My guess is that he loves football so much, that he has to play twice per weekend to feel fully satisfied. You should look into this.

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My best friend, Mr. C0 Adriaanse,

I was cleaning some stuff in my closet at Phoenix Foundation today and I found a KISS FM bumper stick (see above). I got it from this gorgeous blond haired British tramp in Albufeira on a very late 80’s holidays there!

Those were simple days… (getting) laid on the beach till sunset, dining at any trashy restaurant and then going to KISS disco where I can say I have seen everything. If one was not lucky enough to pick up a scandinavian girl, we might try to be kind enough and listen to our Portuguese girlfriends complaining about how foreign girls behave like sluts, and of course KISS them…

So the main word here is KISS!

Find out here exactly what I mean. You see… FC Porto is already 4 points ahead after that hilarious game in Leiria (actually with was more a Costinhous game) and we might get 7 points ahead later today!

So please don’t try to invent too much and forget all about that rubbish that is surrounding the club. This championship will be YOUR victory, as every championship and titles you have already won.

Summing up:

- Use the best players in the beginning of the game; don’t save for a disadvantage you can avoid.
- Use Emanuel on the first eleven;
- Four defences and a strong midfield, use Lucho if he’s fit;
- Use Quaresma and Ivanlido as Lizandro is acting funny lately;
- Keep Adriano, but be ready to give Benny an early chance;
- Consider Ibson;
- Forget about Diego to act as playmaker, either you put it ahead or leave it at bench;
- Try to win this game from the start;
- Don’t forget Braga is an astute team!

So it goes like this: remember KISS is the best of life!


Angus MacGyver