terça-feira, março 21, 2006

It’s in your mind!

This Wednesday will be just great. It will be a great opportunity to show the non believers that New Messias has come to Earth again. H.M. All Mighty Co Adriaanse is with us. Praise the Lord.

Some blind and small minded people still don’t recognize the greatness of Our Master. Some see Adriaanse as a great Prophet but they don’t recognize Him as The Truth Himself.

But, people on the Earth, that will change soon! Tomorrow, against Alvalade Lizards His Wisdom, Power, Greatness will emerge. Those unfaithfuls will get what they deserve!

Las night I dreamt that somebody loved me. Adriaanse entered my dreams and explained all about this game. He said, and I quote:

“You know MacGyver, personally I like to play against teams that are in a winning streak as they are very confident, almost too much confident. Confidence, as vanity, is dangerous, my friend.

In the ancient times The Lizards would come to Porto in fear, pain and despair and they eventually loose always as it was difficult to play with shited pants. But now, Mr Bento, the Lizard-Mor will be caught in the opposite mistake – superbia!

Here’s what we are going to do: we’ll start the game smoothly and calmly and they’ll think everything is under control. In my great Mercy I will allow them to almost score twice! Then we’ll start to surprise them – Benny will score in a corner. But the most important part is this: we will get into their nerves! The trick is to force them to make fauls and get yellow cards. Look at Sá Pinto – he is the metaphor of the Lizards Kingdom. Yes he is a fighter, but is simply dumb. And that is what we are going to do tomorrow: We could win the game showing our superiority, but we will trash them using they vanity!

quinta-feira, março 16, 2006

I'm very sorry

I'm very sorry. Really, i am.

First of all let me say congratulations on the enormous win by Porto versus Maritimo. You had to score 5 goals to win 2-1, that's really something. But it's a small feat for the greatest Manager in the World. Nice to see Ibson playing. He is a good lad.

What am i sorry for? Well. You are my best friend and i'm sorry you have to coach in Portugal. And when in Portugal, you have to watch the sad show on the Rapinarium.
That guy that looks like a pimp. You know, the one that owns half of Estoril. Yes, José Veiga. The one that was talking about Vitor Pontes's Mother for 90 minutes.
It has to be hard to endure a full game of a leech insulting everyone. Lets just hope that he didn't say the magic words: "É falta" or he might be punished with 15 days of suspension.

Please forgive me. I should have warned you about this Characters way before you decided to enlight Portugal.

Hope you can cope with such lack of style and class.

quinta-feira, março 09, 2006

Setubal - Porto

Hello Mister Adriaanse!
Fantastic game versus Nacional. Goals were scored, the right substitutions were made and Cech happened. I supose you will use the same team versus Setubal, only remove Meireles and Ivanildo and add P.Assunção and Lisandro/Jorginho/Anderson.

This is the starting line up that i think you are going to use:

Image hosting by Photobucket

And this is the starting lineup that i think you should use:

Image hosting by Photobucket

Notice the Red icon on Adriano. It's not a bad thing. It's just that he runs so much and fights so hard... sometimes even too much, so i gave him an Angry smiley. But it's a positive player, no doubt.
The smileys are only there to rate the players. For example, Pedro Emanuel on your lineup should be replaced by Cech, but still he gets a positive smiley because he is a good player.
Please pay attention to the smiley describing Ivanildo. It's VERY important.

Why go back to 4 defenders after a good win vs Nacional? Pretty simple really. During Nacional game Cech sometimes was a left back and sometimes he was a midfielder. Same thing can happen during the course of this new game. It's not how many attackers or people up front you have. It's mostly the mentality of your players and the technical skills to back them up.

P.S.: Good job on saving that Silver Back Gorilla from those poachers. Where do you find time for this? Genius.