quarta-feira, agosto 23, 2006


Just to let our fellow readers know, that me and MacGyver are at http://barbeiros.blogspot.com now.

Our best friend Mr Co Adriaanse is there with us as well.

quarta-feira, agosto 09, 2006

We tried, but only You are God…

Sad do FCP a trabalhar
(FCP board of directors receiving Mr.Co's resignation while eating the Club's Assets)

My best friend, Mr. Co Adriaanse,

The recent news were more or less expected and, foremost, inevitable.
Our Best Friend is waving Fc Porto goodbye.
As always in His life and in this blog, you Mr Adriaanse are completely right.

After a tumultuous 2004/05 season, the Fc Porto board was able to convince the World’s best coach (and Football inventor) to bring back the club to glamorous days again. Me and Michael Knight usually don’t interfere in Adriaanse matters because You never really depend on us, even if we are this fantastic pair of super heroes. BUT we know Portugal, we know FC Porto and we know FC Porto board, so we decided that our best friend could use some help here, in this messy country.

As time was going by, Mr. Adriaanse showed us that although we were needed at the beginning, You easily achieved even more that was supposed to do in Your first season here, winning League and Cup. You were able to build a team, gave confidence to the squad and help to affirm some nice players like Helton, Bosingwa, Pepe, Assunção, Lucho, Meireles, Quaresma and more recently Adriano and Anderson. If that does not seems such a big deal, please let us all remind the 2004/05 season and the difficulty that teams elsewhere always have in making up from their ashes.

“Adriaanse” means quality, discipline, stability, education, fair play, player’s development, imagination, quality, honesty, Victory.

After a very good year You started working on this brand new season. You knew very well this time winning “only” in Portugal would not be satisfactory to anyone, especially to You. After the game at the Dragon with Artmedia it became clear your goals in keeping coaching Fc Porto – to reaffirm the club in European Football.

In order to organize properly the squad, You made some clear, evident, honest and fair remarks about what is needed to make an internationally winning team. After dozens of useless internal talks with Fc Porto board You tried to communicate using the press. Maybe they were not understanding Your perfect English and seeing You on Tv maybe they could be able to read the subtitles or record Your words and listen them 100 times till they understand Your savvy words. In Amsterdam tournament You even showed the world two spectacular inventions: the 3-7-0 system and Bruno Alves acting as striker. You, My Lord and Best Friend, may be exaggerated a bit on the press conference afterwards but even God is entitled to His Anger.

The worst blind man is the one who does not want to see, and You, my best friend, were speaking to the fish… As in so many other situations the Fc Porto board quickly swept away Someone who was proving to be valuable.

Mr. Adriaanse, You are leaving because you have principles (actually you invented principles) and because You are confident, have self pride and don’t want to waste energy fighting windmills.

Mr. Adriaanse, you leave Fc Porto in great attitude. You are not like other stupid and coward coaches.
We, Angus MacGyver and Michael Knight, Your best friends can only say THANK YOU Master.

As Fc Porto long and every time supporters we must say: Forgive us, because we have sinned... (although we STILL are not the board).


Angus MacGyver and Michael Knight

terça-feira, agosto 08, 2006

Adriaanse needs a Striker

Hello mister... Pinto da Costa.
Yes, that's right. I'm writting to you right now. The inventor of life and football - my friend Co Adriaanse - has asked for a Striker.

As far as I know, you have said no. And no. AND NO.

Well, my friend MacGyver, can make a bomb out of Chewing gum,
a bit of Mantorras Kneecap (the most rare element on earth), a sock from Jorginho and a Hermano Saraiva DVD of Portugal's history. My friend MacGyver once killed billions of crazy Ants back in the Amazon Jungle.

I don't think i need to mention Kitt's speed, ability to jump and RUN OVER CHAIRMANS THAT DON'T BUY STRIKERS.
I think you get the message.

You have 2 days.

EDIT: Antero Henrique has been seen in Brazil. This means he is probably out buying a Striker for Adriaanse. For that, we have made a new poll.