segunda-feira, janeiro 16, 2006

I confess – “It was my entire fault!”

Today the planet woke up confused, astonished and insecure.

The Sun is shy and people are looking above trying to understand this “brave new world”. Children are still staring at their parents with hardly-held tears, demanding an answer, suffering with this painful question:

Has Adriaanse lost it?
What has happened yesterday at the Porcalhota Swamp?

As everyone knows I am Mr. Adriaanse best friend and my second best friend is the world.
Sometimes I try the two of them to get along, so I have to confess – it was my entire fault…

I admit I often abuse Mr. Co greatness, capacity, creativity and geniality to save the free world, helping me on my daily tasks. That was why I asked him to help me on something very important.

The truth is that Mister Co spent all week working on a new cheap and ecologic power source and had no time to plan yesterday’s game.

So it’s not his fault that FC Porto players went to the pitch knowing less than nothing about the opposite side. Probably they weren't respecting the rival as they were called AmateurStars, which could be a great internet website, but even if you are the best army – which they are not – commanded by the best of the generals – which they are – you could be surprised!

So, if anyone is thinking that Mr. Co should have briefed FC Porto players:
- about Manu or Semedo moves;
- on AmateurStars dynamics, specially on the need of fill spaces between midfield and defence; they are not very skilled but they are quick and organized;
- about the need of having some strong men above, as the AmateurStars defenders are some suburban remake of King Kong;
- on the nonsense of stupid foot goal-keeping;
- about how they should organize attack as so well my almost best friend Michael Knight well stated below;
- about other stuff that clearly shows Mr. Co was not able to prepare the game…

So if you heretically think on some mishandling of Mr. Co just forget that because it was my entire fault, I led Mr. Adriaanse towards other paths…

So forgive me as I have sinned…


Angus MacGyver

P.S. – The fact that AmateurStars played more or less the same way at the Dragon, almost achieving a good result had a similar explanation. At that time Mr Co Adriaanse was helping Michael Knight on some Rebecca Holden hormonal problems and it was his holographic replica that sat at the bench that day… That’s why Fc Porto WAS NOT ABLE TO LEARN A SINGLE THING from that game…


Blogger Fitzx said...

excelente blog.

keep it up,you good old sports,you.


Anonymous Anónimo said...

Rececca Holden is more sexy than Pinto da Costa new wife, that's for sure!

Greetings from FCPorto-Lisboa

Anonymous guardabel said...

I'm afraid you overlooked something really really important: 2-1 is not so bad as a 5-0. And that is one of the finest "Coisms".

Anonymous b.a. baracus said...

if there's one thing I hate more than being cought by the united states's seeing my favorite team lose.



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