terça-feira, janeiro 17, 2006

The Duct Tape Enigma

Dear Mr. Adriaanse, my best friend,

I confess I was a bit puzzled on your latest comments after Sunday’s funny effort to bring some emotion to the Betadine League.

I really didn’t understand what was crossing your mind saying that loosing with AmateurStars was not a bad result.

Gosh! You are so ingenious! I suddenly realize you just were paying tribute to me, this old and faithful friend of yours!

Forgive me if this was meant to be only an internal joke, but I will try to explain mortals what has happened, just because I am your best friend, Don Adriaanse King of Iberia.

As you all know I am widely known to make the day using some trivial materials. One of my favourites is Duct Tape as you can see here and I am the old member of the The Great Duct Tape Hall of Fame (which by the way is in decline because of this and this).

Being obviously victorious against Naval already twice this year (playing away!) Mr. Co decided to raise the stake and now he wants to win Saturday, managing the FC Porto squad silently.

As SAD board dumbly wouldn’t understand the challenge, the only way Mr. Co had to spice up Saturday’s game was forcing SAD to act like White House officials towards George W. Bush, also paying tribute to me, “this non-violent conflict resolution action hero”, as you can see above

Hope the SAD understands your will and act like they should, and use the Duct Tape!


Angus MacGyver


Anonymous jose melo said...

I know you have to save the world too many times but this is really urgent! I beg you in the name of the Lord, please use your Swiss thing or whatever and make him (I know this is almost impossible!) this him guy is jorginho, so please make him do something right, yes I said right, aren´t you the man that (I promise I won't tell anyone) saved our Almighty George from being abducted by aliens from a distant planet using your bare hands? So make this your next mission and please let me know further details.

PS: Mr Macgyver may I suggest the code name for this utterly secret task? Anyway, here it goes: "envelope nine" sounds great to me! Please, do something for the lad. Would God it were so, mr. Macgyver!


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