quinta-feira, março 09, 2006

Setubal - Porto

Hello Mister Adriaanse!
Fantastic game versus Nacional. Goals were scored, the right substitutions were made and Cech happened. I supose you will use the same team versus Setubal, only remove Meireles and Ivanildo and add P.Assunção and Lisandro/Jorginho/Anderson.

This is the starting line up that i think you are going to use:

Image hosting by Photobucket

And this is the starting lineup that i think you should use:

Image hosting by Photobucket

Notice the Red icon on Adriano. It's not a bad thing. It's just that he runs so much and fights so hard... sometimes even too much, so i gave him an Angry smiley. But it's a positive player, no doubt.
The smileys are only there to rate the players. For example, Pedro Emanuel on your lineup should be replaced by Cech, but still he gets a positive smiley because he is a good player.
Please pay attention to the smiley describing Ivanildo. It's VERY important.

Why go back to 4 defenders after a good win vs Nacional? Pretty simple really. During Nacional game Cech sometimes was a left back and sometimes he was a midfielder. Same thing can happen during the course of this new game. It's not how many attackers or people up front you have. It's mostly the mentality of your players and the technical skills to back them up.

P.S.: Good job on saving that Silver Back Gorilla from those poachers. Where do you find time for this? Genius.


Anonymous Drachen said...

I think Mister Andrianse is angry with you guys...he never heard your (good) advices!


Anonymous Apre said...

I agree in general.

Blogger Carlota said...

Congratulations for your blog! it´s quite amusing..
I think that the A-team would like to be one of Adriannse best friends to! Such an enlighten man!And in the end of the games he could say " I love when a plan is right"..sure that the games against benfica,sporting,Cl don't enter in Mister Co´s Big plan of winning the Champs..

Best regards..Go Porto!

Blogger Bancada Directa said...

então amigo quando postas em Bancada Directa, estás a fazer falta..

Blogger Pedro Bessa said...

Mr Adriaanse is the greatest!
Mr Adriaanse rules! Go Porto!!!!


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