sexta-feira, janeiro 20, 2006

Welcome to Portugal

Hello Mister Adriaanse. I know this comes in a bit late but... it's never too late.
Welcome to Portugal.

Don't get me wrong. I love Portuguese people, especially the ones on the north side of the Douro river. But there's something really wrong with this country. Really, really wrong.

First of all, don't get me wrong. This doesn't happen only in football. Happens in everything. Basically, if by chance you were born or work for anything Lisbon related, you have a "get out of jail free pass". It's pretty sad but that's how it works.
For example, that clown that manages Naval spent the whole of the last season, as the second coach of benfica, shouting all kinds of things at the refs (all kinds of things but not "It's a foul!", that's for sure) and nothing happened. You on the other hand shout "it's a foul!!" when a Naval defender almost ripped Cechs foot off, and you get 15 days of suspension.
For example, Costinha makes a nasty gesture towards the crowd (he grabbed his own testicles) on Guimaraes, and gets 2 games suspension (fair enough). Nuno Gomes makes a gesture that implies that Nem and the Braga players use drugs to intensify their capabilities and... gets a money fine that will prolly mean he won't go to the hairdresser 20 times this week, only 19.

So now you know how the country works. I am very sorry for the lateness on warning you about this.

Enough about this matter. Let me remind you of a few things for the next game on saturday:

a) Adriano scored 2 goals on his debut. Even if he can only last one half, field him on the lineup. Better to have him scoring soon then rushing for a late goal that may never come.
b) How about fielding Helder Barbosa?.

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Blogger Bancada Directa said...

Gostava que vissem o que escrevi em Bancada directa e comentassem se possivel, tambem aos editores deste blogue...

Será possivel ninguem ver?????

"Não jogamos assim tão mal!"


Anonymous Anónimo said...

Michael, are you a FCP suporter?
with that Marco Paulo hairstyle and your xunning car i always regarded you as a lampião (Portuguese word for SLB scum).
I guess i was wrong.


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