segunda-feira, abril 24, 2006


So the outcome that everyone expected since You, Mister Co, was apointed FCPorto's Manager has arrived.

I didn't celebrate the win to be honest. I didn't, there was no thrill for me. I celebrated when they apointed you manager. When the news you were going to be FCPorto's coach arrived i went with my FCPorto scarf and with Kitt to the Aliados Avenue and started cheering and honking. No one understood me back then. I guess they do now.

Now that the win is a reality i'd like us to focus on the game on Penafiel as a good example of what we need for the next season:

- How many times did Ibson gave the ball in perfect conditions for a cross from the left during the game? How many times did that happen? A lot! I lost count! This is obvious a result of your tactical mastery and Ibson's good timing but all those ocasions resulted in nothing. None of the players managed to get in a good cross. Alan had a bad game but i don't want to blame him, i would like to blame the absence of a left winger with a left foot on that side - like Duda.

- Even so the crossing problem, there were more then a couple of goal scoring chances in that game... We obviously have a problem with the finishing. That needs to be resolved for the next season.

- Also, i sugest you speak with Bosingwa and tell him to practice crossing and short passes as well as running with the ball during all his holidays. If he does that with success, he might become a tremendous right back.

For now, lets focus on winning the next 3 games and finishing up with the cup win and the most distance possible from the second spot.

And last but not the least, the next picture is dedicated to the Super Dragões.

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You all smell of dingleberries.


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Tou contente por vos ver a escrever novamente.
Continuem assim.


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