quinta-feira, abril 20, 2006

Oh Adriaanse oh Adriaanse

How are you my friend? I Hope you are hanging there. You have been through such terrible losses, but you can cope. You are strong, you are tough. Anyway, our feelings are with you right now.

Fellow blog readers. We are very sorry for the lack of updates. But... it's hard for us. Think about it, the purpose of this Blog is to help Adriaanse do his job since has so many things going through his mind all the time. But this purpose is silly, he is the best ever. We all knew from the start that he was going to Win this League. We all knew that.
It was pretty funny seeing so many people surprised with his good win at the Lagartarium. It was funny because we all knew he was waiting to win the League on the last big game. Such a clever and sneaky bastard. You have to love him really.

So what's next having outclassed every manager in the Portuguese League this season?
Rumors are placing him in the NBA next season, as a power forward or as the leader of the outer world colony on Perseon V.
The only certain thing is, if he stays in Portugal next season, the champion is already chosen.


Blogger Apre said...

Parabéns também a este blog pelo titulo de Campeão do FC Porto, e ajuda psiquica ao Co.

Anonymous Pedro Silva said...

Hi, my name is Pedro and i´m a FCP supporter, I just want to congratulate for
this blog, and say that i´ve been with Mr. Co Adriaanse since the beggining, he
is the right coach for every team! hope he stays in Porto for a very long time.
Parabéns Co Adriaanse!


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