quinta-feira, fevereiro 23, 2006


Hello Mr Adriaanse.
First of all. We are very sorry for the shortage of posts. MacGyver has been gone for a long time. I think he's probably saving the world without wanting to take credit for it. Like you for example, with your outstanding work with Pepe and Quaresma - and now slowly, Meireles (what about doing the same with Diego and Hugo Almeida? Turning Hugo Almeida into a good player would be a tremendous challenge. Au pair with Rocket Science and trying to play football on Chelsea's pitch, and you love challenges!)

The most important game on the portuguese league this season is arriving:

Belenenses - Naval.
Will this game trigger a string of defeats for Naval ending with another manager out of work?
Will Couceiro learn how to coach, finaly? Who knows. This are questions that neither us or the Great Co Adriaanse (you) can answer!

By the way, we are playing versus benfica in the Rapinarium.
May I humbly sugest that independently of the tactic you might use (3 or 4 defenders) that Cech plays on the left? If you really want Pedro Emanuel to play field him on the right side (if 3 defenders). The ball just runs along better if there's someone on the left playing with the left foot.
Other than that, everything is fine.


Blogger VAS said...

Porto got his ass kicked. Mr. Coco Adrianse must be very sad, as him being an offensive coach and his team didn't make a shot during the entire game against Benfica. Porto is awful and i doubt it that Adrianse will win the championship. Porto will place 3rd, and it is not bad, bad is relegation Adrianse will say.

Blogger Herói de Vigo said...

Thank you so much for your blog. It really helps simple-minded people like me to understand the brilliance behind Mr. Adriaanse's behavior.

I must confess that, previously, I was weak. I feared HRM's eccentric view of the game bordered on full-fledged madness. But now my faith is renewed. Now I know better. Thank you.

It also became clear to me why direct access to the group stage of the Champions League is no longer a priority for Mr. Adriaanse. After all, why have it easy when the team can finish third in the league and play in the CL qualifiers? That's two more games -- two more chances to humiliate a tremendously powerful team from some remote european country!

It's a simple enough concept, but who would've thought of it, if not our dear Mr. Co?

Sincerely yours,


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