sexta-feira, fevereiro 10, 2006

¡ Back from Zaragoza !

My best friend, Mr. C0 Adriaanse,

I apologize for being away for some days but my help was requested by my great friend Victor Muñoz to achieve something impossible – to knock out Barcelona from cup in Nou Camp and get to the final. As you are by far the better coach in the world I assumed you’d probably not miss me.

By the way I recently discovered that while asleep you are almost as good as awake, which is odd, but explains perfectly why FCP bench players were still sat at 75 minutes in the last game…

I had not to much time to prepare the game with Barça so I used the old but effective benfica’s way and it worked!!! For this next game with Real Madrid I was able to prepare Zaragoza team, especially Diego Milito who I teach how to carry to the field and use a Swiss-army knife!

So what to say about last game with Braga and next one with Belém?

Nothing to say actually… Every week FCP is 1 more point ahead at the league and everything is ok, the team is fit, the system is completely tuned up, free-kicks and corners are almost certain goals so… why don’t you give the squad another couple of holidays?


Angus MacGyver