segunda-feira, fevereiro 06, 2006


My best friend, Mr. C0 Adriaanse,

I was cleaning some stuff in my closet at Phoenix Foundation today and I found a KISS FM bumper stick (see above). I got it from this gorgeous blond haired British tramp in Albufeira on a very late 80’s holidays there!

Those were simple days… (getting) laid on the beach till sunset, dining at any trashy restaurant and then going to KISS disco where I can say I have seen everything. If one was not lucky enough to pick up a scandinavian girl, we might try to be kind enough and listen to our Portuguese girlfriends complaining about how foreign girls behave like sluts, and of course KISS them…

So the main word here is KISS!

Find out here exactly what I mean. You see… FC Porto is already 4 points ahead after that hilarious game in Leiria (actually with was more a Costinhous game) and we might get 7 points ahead later today!

So please don’t try to invent too much and forget all about that rubbish that is surrounding the club. This championship will be YOUR victory, as every championship and titles you have already won.

Summing up:

- Use the best players in the beginning of the game; don’t save for a disadvantage you can avoid.
- Use Emanuel on the first eleven;
- Four defences and a strong midfield, use Lucho if he’s fit;
- Use Quaresma and Ivanlido as Lizandro is acting funny lately;
- Keep Adriano, but be ready to give Benny an early chance;
- Consider Ibson;
- Forget about Diego to act as playmaker, either you put it ahead or leave it at bench;
- Try to win this game from the start;
- Don’t forget Braga is an astute team!

So it goes like this: remember KISS is the best of life!


Angus MacGyver


Anonymous piedro said...

and please, irradicate a few players from the team once and for all! they're not doing anything!
i'm obviosly talking about Jorginho, Sonkaya and maybe even Cesar Peixoto (who is being payed to get laid!). naa... leave cesar, he might still be useful. But kidnapp he's wife and he'll be getting better a hell of a lot faster!


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