segunda-feira, janeiro 23, 2006

Enjoy Portuguese Wine!

My best friend, Mr. C0 Adriaanse,

Amazingly you are still suspended for another week. So, being football issues not a worry – FC Porto is playing lovely, achieving crashing victorious – I invite you to know a bit more of Portugal.

Let me present you to Portuguese wines – one of the most important traditions of this country. I learned about them when I was in holidays with Nikki Carpenter in Foz Coa. Those were the days…
I even drew our names in the rocks there! Some years after some Portuguese government recognized my talent and cancelled their plans for a dam there!

"The Portuguese wines are part of ancient traditions inserted in the region firstly by the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, and Greeks. Long before the Roman rule over the region, who will also substantially influence in wine production. During this era, is where the Portuguese wines started to be exported to Rome. Today, Portugal is a traditional wine grower with 8% of its continental land dedicated to winery! "

My favorite wines come from vineyards that grow in the Douro valley. From those I really enjoy “Cabeça de Burro” just because “the taste is round in your mouth, reinforcing the sensations the aroma gives you. It's also well structured with really soft tannin that contributes to his global balance".

I deeply recommend you to try this “Cabeça de Burro”, this wine is sooooo you!

So try it and leave the traditional dutch dope! At least that way you won’t take those "stoned decisions" like:
- playing with 3 defences;
- leaving Emanuel, Diego and Assunção at the bench;
- replacing Baía after ONE poor game, sending the wrong signal to the squad an ruining his 400th game party;
- letting Alan on pitch more then 45 minutes;
- well, you know better than me what dutch dope can make to your brain…


Angus MacGyver


Blogger MT said...

I laugh a lot with your posts, just a little correction: defenders instead of defences! Keep up the good work!


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