domingo, janeiro 29, 2006

A game for you, my friend!

My best friend, Mr. C0 Adriaanse,

Fc Porto is happily and comfortably on top of the betandwin league, the games ahead are easy enough and there is nothing to practice anymore!

So why don’t you reward yourself and the squad with another holiday period?

As I know you are bit stressful with global warming issues, I present you with a little something I think you will enjoy!

Follow this link and enjoy yourself!

Just choose YES and YES and confirm. Then pick GUEST, and you will find out about the importance of good free-kicking shooting! (*)

Something that you, the greatest coach ever, of course know for a long time!


Angus MacGyver

(*) - If you really want to go deep on this, log in and you’ll see some great shots!


Anonymous Coronel John Smith said...

Macgyver and Michael Knight:

In the name of my entire squad, I write here to show our total agreement with your brilliant kindness to your best friend Adriaanse!

Not beeing as splendid as you are on the effort of saving lifes - so the reason to admire you as adriaanse best friends; I confess that in the last days I found myself thinking in commanding my special team on a usual last minute "saving" plan. Fortunely you have shown up!

Your posts say it all. And, even if I deseagree with some of your ideas, I am aware that our team could not make as good as you. So keep the good work.

Our best regards,

John Hannibal Smith
"Coronel" of the A-Team

PS: Adoro quando um plano dá certo!


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