quinta-feira, janeiro 26, 2006

Firing Your Boss (*)

My best friend, Mr. C0 Adriaanse,

You probably remember my old boss at Phoenix Foundation Pete Thornton, who is also commonly known as my best friend, which obviously he was not, just because you are the one.

He was a great boss and even blind he was seeing a lot more then others… Maybe we ALL should learn a bit from him, as sometimes I see some substitutions that Pete would never miss!

But let me get to the point. Peter was not my first boss. I started my career being a plummer at City Hall, under Mr. Loureiro command. The Mayor, or Major (I still don’t know what to call him) was this funny character, dynamic and smart. But he was kind of corrupt, small minded, grotesque, surrounded by strange people, and lots of times completely loosing all focus of his job and responsabilities.

I did not want to be part of that, so I fired my boss!

So why don't you consider firing your boss? (*)

Best friends must be sincere and I have to say I do not like what his happening at FC Porto this last weeks… you see:

- They insist with this stupid discussion with benfica guys, specially this Reinaldo against the Veiga Boy. In no time some Estonian girls (with all do respect) will tell in the newspapers about the night they spent with both of them at Little Star Pension.
- Jorge Costa is out and it seems they wanted this way – reading what they say about book’s preface… but that was something you helped happen, just for fun.
- They’ll loose Vítor Baía as a player and a club milestone, something you helped happen just for fun.
- They say Postiga is no good and in December they needed a striker, something you helped happen just for fun.
- They find it acceptable to be out of Champions League after 1st round, that thing you did just for fun.
- They don’t get mad if you, just for fun, say that loosing at AmateurStars 2-1 was not a bad result…
- So many many other things…

So do you want to stay connected to these people?

So why aren't you firing your boss? (*)

This guy did it and he’s doing quite ok…


Angus MacGyver

(*) - in the end of the season, please.


Anonymous shadow said...

Mr.Macgiver hold down your horses, this CO guy is smarter than you think. Of course he needs some guidance but he isn´t ready to accept it yet.You are the right man to do it. I won't tell the mysterious ways you will have to walk (no one knows it better than you)but sometimes you forget the master of strategy we're dealing with. Benching Baía might be an old move but it has proven to be fruitful (love this word). Does the name scolari remind you of something? Wasn't he able to be second against that invincible Armada called Greece? There you are, such move, this fantastic and thermotensile move will make us second right after Benfica. We'll play the Champions League next season, for god sake!Our man will continue and we'll get rid of Baía forever! So be it!


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