terça-feira, janeiro 31, 2006

90 Minutes

Hello my friend, Co Adriaanse. First of all, if you need a car, you can stop by my house and i'll lend you Kitt for a while.

On today's post i'm gonna explain to you how FCPorto should always play the game (and how has played in the past).
FCPorto would always start the games, from the first minute to the last, pressuring the other team. In fact, in the days of Frasco, André, Rui Barros, Pacheco, the pressure would be so high that in a large majority of the games, FCPorto would be winning in the first 20/30 minutes.
That's Porto. Pressure, Will, Strenght. When your team runs and battles atleast the same of what the other team does, the difference in skill will rise and the best team will emerge victorious.
Look at Barcelona. Tons of star players, but besides Ronaldinho (who runs a LOT in attacking plays while his friend at Real Madrid (fat ronaldo) doesn't run neither in defensive or offensive plays), every single player of that team gives 100%.
So, stop losing 45 minutes of the game. Start from minute one. I'm sure the players will follow your command. You are Co Adriaanse, destroyer and maker of Worlds.

P.S.: 3 defenders is for the Dutch League. You are in Portugal now. Stop making things harder.


Anonymous Anónimo said...

dear michael:
I think mr Co thinks that who ruined his car were benfica's supporters, the same ones that showed white sheets in Dragao.


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